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1st Day of School

Posted 07/31/2017

First Day of School:

Monday August 21st

The first day of school is a half day.  This allows students to ease into their new schedule and provide time for any needed assessments in the afternoon. The arrival time is the same, 8:25amfor ECE and Kindergarten Families and 8:30 for First- Fifth Grade.  We will have our annual park to school walk on the first day if any families would like to join.  We will gather at 7:50 am at the dog statue park at 35th and Xanthia Court.  We will begin our walk to school at 8:00 am.  Parents and siblings are welcome to join us for this walk.  Teachers will be out on the playground beginning at 8:15 am with signs to show students where to line up. Dismissal is at noon and lunch will not be served.  Buses will be running their regular routes for both arrival and dismissal.