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5th Grade Climate Fighters Weekly Challenge

Posted 05/07/2019

Hi, we are the 5th grade exhibition group working on environmental stewardship. During the next four weeks of school, there will be different challenges to help save our planet. This week’s challenge is to avoid putting plastic bags in student lunches. Plastic bags are very harmful to the environment and often end up in oceans. This is a huge problem and we are finding massive amounts of plastic in the stomachs of sea animals and it is making it hard for them to reproduce. Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose and it’s best if we keep it out of the oceans and landfills and just don’t use it! Instead of using plastic bags, use reusable containers. Thank you! The 5th Grade Climate Change Fighters.– Sincerely, your 5th grade climate fighters, Ian, Jesse, Aidan, and Ryian.