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Bullying Policy

If your child is being bullied please help him or her report it immediately. It is best to report it when it occurs and to the adult in charge of that setting. However, sometimes the situation requires a different approach to reporting. Regardless of how or to whom, please, please be sure this is reported. This is for the good of all students involved. We will work with your child, the other student, and the other student’s parents to remedy the situation. However, student privacy laws stipulate that we may only discuss a student’s behavior with his or her parents. As the parent of the victim, information about the other student and any consequences will be limited.

If your child is engaging in bully behavior, we will confidentially address the situation respectfully and with the attitude that all our children are learners. You will be contacted to partner with us in helping your child identify and learn more positive and productive ways of interacting with peers.