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Class Requests

SIS seeks to hire and retain the best teachers in the district. Children will be placed by staff according to individual and class balancing needs. Assigning students to classes is most effectively done by our classroom teachers who have been working with the students daily in an educational setting. Teachers consider the learning styles and academic needs of the returning students and assign them to the different classrooms at the next grade level. This process is done with care and the utmost consideration of each child’s academic and social/emotional needs. It takes careful consideration of many factors to create equitably balanced classrooms in terms of academic needs, behavior, gender, ethnicity, and number of students. Reasons to request a teacher generally revolve around a previous relationship with that teacher while having a child in the classroom. The desire to maintain an already positive working relationship between a family and a staff member is good to know. Other requests from incidental contact, rumor mills, or an interview do not possess the depth of background to supersede the normal process. If there is something in particular about your child as far as needs, we would like to be aware of the need so we can support them in placement. If you believe that your child requires to be with another student/or not, let us know and we will attempt to meet that request. Requests need to be made in writing by emailing Krystie in the front office (