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Amador Jimenez
Spanish Teacher



I grew up in Martos, Spain. Being the oldest of 3 siblings. I received my B.S. in Education Sciences from the University of Jaen where I did two student exchange student programs–one for the University of Leeds, England and another for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. During those two stages of my academic career, I experienced and learned the difficulties of acquiring a foreign language and became interested in becoming a world language teacher. I also played soccer for the dedicated university teams and collaborated with the world language department of UAB running language tables and being a teacher assistant. After graduating, I started a M.A. in Applied Linguistic for the University of Granada, Spain and once finished I started a Ph.D. in Education Sciences that I successfully finished in April of 2015. In the Fall of 2015, I will start working part-time as well for Metro State University. In five or ten years, once I get more experience in Elementary and Middle school, I would like to transition to full-time professor at higher education. I have had many other jobs in my early ages, like production line in factories and harvesting for olives in the south of Spain. I worked for three years as a teacher in Spain, one year for a private school in Denver and three years for DPS in a wonderful neighborhood, Stapleton. In my free time you will see me playing soccer, tennis, riding my mtb, swimming, running, having a coffee while writing papers, shopping, cooking and traveling the world!