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Heather Scott (Works)


I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts but went to school in Tucson at the University of Arizona, where I received my BA in Elementary Education. I love teaching and will work every day to make an impact at Swigert. This is my second year at the school but sixth year teaching. I was amazed at the community last year and how the parents are very focused on helping their kids grow each week, as well as the students’ capabilities and the generosity of the families in my class. I’m excited to get back to work this fall because we all will continue to learn and evolve as teaching professionals. When I am not in the classroom, I am working on fixing up my new house with my new husband, Kevin. I also enjoy being in the outdoors, going to fun events and trying to convince Kevin to get us a puppy. Swigert is a great place to learn as a student and continue to learn and teach as an educator. I look forward to a successful year!