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Swigert Explorations  2018-2019


Purpose : Increase opportunities for students to deepen knowledge of IB through creative expression and different avenues and provide choice offerings to increase  student engagement.

  • 3 five- or six-week arts integration sessions  (two will be the same from last year, and one session will be new.)
  • First and third grade will have explorations from 2:25-3:20.  Second grade will have explorations from 1:35-2:20. Fourth and fifth grade classes will have it with their afternoon classes, or will have explorations twice on Friday, am and pm, in the same classroom.
  • Parent run explorations on the Friday following the end of your six week cycle.  Parents will organize choice options and students will choose between different offerings.
  • 4-5th grade musical students will participate in the musical after school.  This year the musical is Hair Spray Junior.


Arts Integration 2018-2019

Welcome to Year 2 of our Arts Integration journey! We are excited to build on our successes from last year and further develop our work to enhance IB learning through the arts.

Our Goals:

To enhance our IB Units with rich and authentic arts experiences for students.

In our IB Units, we can use the arts to:

  • Deepen students’ enduring understanding around central ideas
  • Increase student engagement
  • Expand ways for students to express themselves
  • Display creative and engaging evidence of student learning throughout the school and/or community

Through the arts, students can

  • Build community
  • Develop sense of wonder
  • Construct understanding
  • Build self-esteem
  • Create!
  • Demonstrate learning
  • Have fun!
  • Shine!