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School Choice

Families who live in the Stapleton Enrollment Zone must complete a School Choice form for all children entering ECE, kindergarten, or middle school. Once your child is in Kindergarten, you do not need to complete another choice form unless you choose to move them from their assigned school for the following year.

Families outside of the zone who wish to choice into a school other than their home school must also complete a Choice Form.

Round 1 runs from the first school day of January through 4:00 PM on the last business day in January. All Round 1 forms are processed through a prioritized lottery. Children who do not receive their first choice of schools will be placed on the waitlist(s) for any school(s) with a higher priority than their school placement. For more information about the priorities or choice process, please visit, or call the Office of Choice and Enrollment at 720-423-7627.

Round 2 runs from Mid-March through September 30th. All Round 2 forms will be added to the waitlist in the order they are received, after all Round 1 waitlisted students. Swigert will pull from the waitlist through September 30th. Beginning October 1st, DPS no longer allows students to change school except in extenuating circumstances. At that time, an Administrative Transfer is required, which begins in the student’s current school.