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IB Training in New Orleans and Professional Day Focus

Posted 11/05/2015

On December 11th, Swigert sent a team of educators and administrators to New Orleans for an IB Conference. The sessions Swigert staff attended included Inquiry in the IB, Assessment in the IB, The Written Curriculum and An Introduction to the Primary Years Program. Teachers engaged in three days of IB specific strategy and instruction work. The staff who attended will be presenting to the rest of the faculty on our professional day January 4th.

On January 4th, a non-student contact day, teachers will be examining PARCC and Interim data more carefully to help understand this new assessment and our students’ strengths and weaknesses relative to the Common Core Standards and the Colorado Academic Standards. We have also built time into the day to focus in on the next IB planner that will be taught at each grade level.  Teachers will be examining their upcoming units through the lens of  continuing to develop engaging, relevant learning experiences as well as assessments that ask students to apply their understanding from their IB unit to a new context.