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At-Home Math Ideas

This resource has been created to help your child identify and find resources already in your home that can support learning. Below you will find a list of possible objects your child can use, as well as a visual chart of the objects that may also help your child think about the possibilities. Last, find several math activities your child can engage in using objects like the ones on this list. Feel free to let your children be creative and make choices about the objects they use to complete the activities.


  • macaroni or other uncooked small noodles
  • beans
  • bread tags
  • small snack foods (Goldfish, berries, candies, cereal)
  • water bottle caps
  • toothpicks
  • silverware
  • egg cartons (cut to make 5 in a row or 2 rows of 5)
  • cups and bowls
  • cupcake liners


  • cotton balls
  • cotton swabs
  • rubber bands or hair bows


  • Legos
  • game pieces (i.e. checkers)
  • blocks
  • small cars
  • small animals or other small toy


  • pennies
  • screws, nuts, or bolts
  • buttons
  • beads
  • pom poms
  • clothespins
  • popsicle sticks
  • rocks or stones
  • paperclips

Meaningful Mathematics Activities for Families and Teachers to Do at Home

Click on the links below to find simple but meaningful activities which give students repeated math experiences. These activity cards from Kathy Richardson’s Developing Number Concepts have been adapted to use items from home such as the ones listed above.

Counting Activities

Hunt for It: at Home

Grab a Handful: at Home

Addition/Subtraction Activities

The Tub Game: at Home

Grab Bag Subtraction: at Home

Place Value Activities

Race to 100: at Home

Measuring Things in the Room: at Home

Comparing Quantities Activities

Comparing Containers: at Home

Grab Bag Comparing: at Home

Ten and Some More Activities

Two Ten Frame Addition: at Home

Two Ten Frame Subtraction: at Home

Homemade Spinner Directions

 Multiplication and Division Activities

Cups of Counters: At Home

How Many in the Cups?: At Home

Math Games for Families