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Friday Folder System

We want to make sure students have access to paper material to write on (math assignments, worksheets), books and math  manipulatives when applicable.   Therefore, we are setting up a Friday pick up and drop off system.  We realize it’s not perfect, but we want to give it a try to support students in their learning at home.

Each teacher will have an outgoing folder bin and an incoming folder bin. Parents will pick up an outgoing folder which will contain worksheets, possibly art supplies, and other correspondence. Parents will return the current week’s folder with any completed work and pick up next week’s folder.

Bins will be placed outside the school on the Syracuse Street side on Friday morning by 7:30 am and be picked up Friday afternoons around 5:00pm. This gives parents time to exchange folders.

Keep in mind there may be weeks that teachers do not send anything home. They will be communicating with parents weekly  about whether or not there is anything to pick up.  If you have any questions please contact Daphne Jolley or Kristine Warlum- or