Main Office: 720-424-4800 | Attendance: 720-424-4740

Important Contacts

TECHNOLOGY:  If you have trouble with technology please reach out to Richard Fisher at 720 424 4742, or email if it’s not urgent;  If you are still in need of technology from Swigert, we still have a limited supply of devices in the building.  Please contact me at the above e-mail and I will arrange a time to distribute on a case by case basis.

ATTENDANCE, ENROLLMENT OR SUPPLY PICK UP:  If you have attendance, enrollment or supply pick up questions, please reach out to Daphne Jolley at  720 424-4800

NEW FAMILY HELP:  If you are a new family and have general questions/concerns, please email or call Amy at 303-520-5089.

GENERAL QUESTIONS/CONCERNS:  If you have concerns or questions, Shelby Dennis  can be reached at the school office, 720-424-4795 or Jennifer Woolf at  720-424-4762.  We are also available via email; or