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Math Resources

Please see below for math resources and ways to support your students at home.

Math Assessment Checklist by Grade Level

PreK Math

Kinder Math

1st Math

2nd Math

3rd Math

4th Math

5th Math

Bridges Math Curriculum parent guides:

Additional Math Websites:

Reflex Math Website

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families

This website has a teacher corner and a family corner. It offers outstanding resources to help parents understand standards-based mathematics, help with homework, and engage in doing mathematics with their children. It was originally designed for middle school, but the family corner provides general guidance and many of the challenges address content now in grades 3 through 5 (e.g., on fractions). It is also available in Spanish

This frequently updated site connects families to help on homework, current trends in mathematics, and resources.

Math Forum

This site includes many features for teachers and families. For example, “Ask Dr. Math” is a great homework resource because students can write in their questions and get answers fairly quickly.  Parents may also want to read or participate in Math Discussion Groups, read about Key Issues for the Mathematics Community, or download some of the very interesting problems posted here.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This site has numerous applets and virtual tools for learning about many mathematics topics.

** There are also great websites for specific content.  For example, Conceptual Math ( has excellent applets for exploring fraction operations.


Fishy Count Game

K-1 Grades

*Hiding Number Game/”In The Bag”

Materials: A brown paper bag and items to put in the bag

You are looking for your child’s ability to provide the missing part of a whole. For example, I have six cubes and hide some in the bag.  By seeing four cubes outside of the bag, they need to identify the number two as the missing part.  Quickly put the cubes back in the bag, and pull out a different number to see if your student can identify a new missing part.

3-5 Grades

Reflex Math & Khan Academy:  Logon information will be sent home with students.

Math Article

I know you have been wondering why our math does not look like your math. When you and I were kids, accurate and quick fact fluency was enough to deliver A’s on our report cards. Math has moved on: now, instead of merely memorizing multiplication tables, students are expected to know what multiplication means and use more than one strategy to solve, then explain their thinking to peers and teachers. Let’s talk about why that is and how parents can help.

Article discussing math in our schools