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Screen Free Ideas

  • Artist and Art Curator:
    • Create a variety of art pieces over the course of many days.  Display your pieces around your house or yard to create an ‘Art Museum’.  Take pictures of your museum and share them with the Swigert Community
  • Restaurant Owner and Chef:
    • Design a menu for your very own restaurant.  Then practice making each dish on the menu throughout the summer.  Take a picture of each dish and then share it with your family.  Share your photo menu with the Swigert Community.
  • Personal Trainer/Gymnast:
    • Develop an appropriate exercise plan for each member of your family.  Teach your family how to complete their exercises and take videos of them working out.  Track their progress by tallying up the amount of days they utilize your exercises throughout the summer.
  • Entrepreneur: What business would you like to start right now? Plan the first steps and put them into action. 
  • Journalist – Witness to Pandemic Project:
    • Interview people you meet – homeless people you drive by, neighbors, family members, store employees about how the Covid pandemic is impacting them and record their responses. 
  • Botanist 
    • Learn the names of all of the plants (trees, flowers, veggies, weeds) in your yard, neighborhood, and/or summer vacation spot. 
  • Master Gardener:
    • See how many different types of planters you can use (think of things that are not usually planters) and plant a seed in each one.  What can you grow?  How big does each plant grow?  Are you able to compost?  How many worms can you find in your garden?