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Want to earn prizes for summer reading?

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** Swigert Summer Reading Challenge **

Objective: To help motivate students to read over the summer while also raising money to support the school.

Why a reading challenge? It is common for students to have some loss of their knowledge and learning skills over the summer, something commonly called the “summer slide”. Programs like this have been proven to help students retain more of their skills over the summer and start the school year better prepared for learning at the next grade level.

Why fundraising? With anticipated budget shortfalls this year, additional fundraising is necessary. By combining student reading with pledge donations, we hope to continue to fund the programs we value so strongly at Swigert like IB and support for paraprofessionals. **Please note that pledge donations are encouraged but not required to participate in the reading challenge.

When: The program runs from June 1 – August 16.

How it works: Students/parents will complete the pledge form and commit to the number of hours the student will read over the summer. A goal of 40 hours would average to 30 minutes a day of reading. Help your student pick a goal that is challenging but attainable. Families will have the option to pledge a dollar amount to donate to the school in recognition of their student’s efforts. For example, if your child commits to reading 40 hours over the summer and you pledge to donate $1 per hour of reading, you would donate a total of $40. Get creative with who can help support your student with a pledge. This is a great opportunity for grandparents and friends to get involved!

The student reading log can be printed here: 2020 Summer Reading Log. Students should record their minutes read each day and total the hours for each month. At the end of the summer, parents will fill out a form with total hours spent reading and student will submit their completed log.

Prizes: For each 10 hours spent reading, your student will receive one raffle prize entry. For example, if your student reads 50 hours total over the summer, they will receive 5 raffle entries. There is no limit to the number of entries your child can have. Raffle drawing and recognition for all participants will happen during a special assembly at school in the fall. Raffle prizes will include: Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, $50 Amazon gift card, $50 GameStop gift card, $50 Tattered Cover gift card, a class pizza party, a class popsicle party, and the opportunity to throw a pie in Mr. Fisher’s face! All participants will receive a certificate of recognition and a goodie bag.

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