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Swigert Garden Help

As you know, the Swigert Garden is a big part of the school community…it brings educational opportunities and food to our students and beauty to our campus while also connecting students, teachers, parents and even grandparents to nature.  While things look different this year (and we missed out on our annual salad night), this summer is MORE IMPORTANT than ever to get involved and help with the garden. Many kids are feeling disconnected and what better way to help them reconnect with Swigert than to spend some time planting or tending the garden in hopes for a better fall!

We have the perfect summer activity & opportunity to give back to your school community!!!

We are thrilled to announce we have authorization from DPS to plant the Swigert Vegetable Garden.  We will kick off the summer break with planting summer crops the week of June 1st.  We have 23 beds to plant and/or the beds can be adopted for the summer months.  The planting is scheduled and timed to ensure social distancing practices are in place and there will only be one family per hour in the garden.

Click here! to volunteer in the garden.  Click here! for a garden map and bed details.

All vegetables, herbs and flowers grown in the garden are available to volunteer families.  We encourage you to explore the garden and harvest from all garden beds.  We simply ask that you not harvest the pumpkins which are grown for the fall farmer’s market.  Once the 20/21 school year starts the fresh produce will support the Swigert Food Pantry & be sold by 5th graders at Farmer’s Markets.

Summer PLANTING Expectations:
Plants & instructions will be left for you in the vegetable garden.
Recommend you bring your own trowels and garden gloves.
You will plant, water, & trellis / mulch as needed based on instructions.
The garden will be accessible via the East parking lot gate which will have a provided combination lock.
You will be issued a badge to signify your authorization to volunteer in the garden and unfortunately you will be restricted from using the playground equipment, playground or field.

Summer CARE (June-August)  Expectations:
Weed your bed weekly or biweekly (as needed)
Maintain trellising for vining plants
Routinely harvest veggies from any beds in the garden
Keep the area around garden bed cleared of weeds
Substitute or partner volunteers are welcome!

We are grateful to have such incredible volunteers throughout the year.  Specifically, thank you to Lynsey Guyor and Christine Lutter who have helped in so many ways over the years, & have probably pulled more weeds than anyone in that garden.  Thank you to Jed Olson who has donated the most amazing heirloom tomato plants over the years, & thank you to Mary Erlenborn (grandmother to Lilah Fay) who has grown the lionshare of veggies we will plant in June.  This is the final year Christine Lutter and Jed Olson will have students at our school, & your contributions will be missed. Congrats & Best Wishes to Ava Lutter & Amber Olson!

Please reach out with questions, concerns or ideas….because it takes a village!

Click here to volunteer.

Happy Gardening,

Gretchen Everett
Garden Leader
Mobile: 303-921-5217