Social-Emotional Supports

At Swigert, we recognize that social and emotional support for our students if often as important as academic support. With that in mind, we have implemented several school wide programs to give administration, teachers and staff tools to help.

To see Ms. Irk’s presentation on our current students supports.

See the presentation here on how to support your kiddos with perfectionism and anxiety. It’s packed full of good resources:

Behavior Management


Safe2Tell Program

All 4th and 5th grade students receive a class lesson on the Safe2Tell resource currently utilized in Denver Public Schools. Safe2Tell’s mission is, “To ensure that all Colorado students, parents, teachers, and community members have access to a safe and ANONYMOUS way to report any SAFETY CONCERNS, with a focus on early intervention and prevention through AWARENESS and EDUCATION.” The goals of the classroom lesson are to:

  1. Teach young people that reporting anything related to the safety of anyone is their responsibility.
  2. Teach young people how to tell a trusted adult that they have a safety concern.
  3. Create a climate in which young people feel comfortable sharing sensitive information regarding a potentially threatening situation.

Additionally, the staff of Swigert Elementary completed Safe2Tell training to help them properly respond to students who provide the types of information listed above.

For further information visit Safe2Tell, or view more information.