International Mindedness Moment

Welcome to International Mindedness Moments!

This regular segment will feature an activity you can do with your child to reinforce International Mindedness learning at home and to take action!

IB states: ​​“An internationally minded person is open-minded about the common humanity of all people and accepts and respects other cultures and beliefs. The internationally minded person takes action through discussion and collaboration to help build a better and peaceful world.”

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

We are excited to Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Please enjoy our video in which Swigert students and staff share about Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals that they admire and the IB attributes that they embody.

November [Native American Heritage Month]

September/October [Hispanic Heritage Month]

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15. 

As we wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month at Swigert, we wanted to share a video featuring Swigert students and staff celebrating Hispanic and LatinX individuals they admire and the IB attributes these individuals embody.  Check out the video below (or here)!

Help us bring Hispanic Heritage Month conversations home. You can ask your child:

-Who is a Hispanic or LatinX person from history or from today that you admire?

-Why do you admire this person? Which IB attribute do they demonstrate?

More resources: