Swigert Inclusion Policy

Swigert International Academy | Inclusion Policy

Swigert Values: 

“Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers” (Learning Diversity in the International Baccalaureate, pg. 3)

At Swigert we strive to remove barriers to learning so that all children can reach their full potential regardless of learner variability.  We fully believe that “there is no average brain, and thus no average student.” As stated in Learning Diversity and Inclusion in IB Programmes.  The learner profile promotes agency and affirms identity as it is taught and celebrated throughout the curriculum and daily activities for students.  

At Swigert, we strive to empower students to understand, grow in, and advocate for their unique strengths and needs. Our students are included in all aspects of the general education environment.  The Swigert community places a high importance on classroom culture as a means to foster inclusive practices and a feeling of belongingness for our students. We believe that every member of the Swigert community is a stakeholder in the success of ALL of our students. By recognizing the diversity of our collective learning community, we support the development of internationally-minded people.It is the main focus of these practices to foster a sense of belonging, connectivity, and the ability to resolve conflicts among peers with disabilities and non-disabled peers to create a safe learning environment for all. Professional development and resources are devoted to supporting these warm classroom environments.The Swigert community values the needs of the whole child as fundamental to student success. 

The Swigert community values the use of technology, differentiation, student-led learning, research-based interventions, and leadership opportunities to support our unique learners. Collaboration between general education and special education team members support best practices being put into place. To the maximum extent possible, students are supported in the least restrictive environment with the supports they need to thrive. 

Swigert Inclusion Resources:


It is the responsibility of the school leadership to create a culture of inclusivity. At our school, inclusion is an expectation. We have systems in place to create an inclusive environment, including inclusive scheduling, hiring of inclusion minded staff members, and an evaluation system that holds teachers accountable for inclusivity. 

Another important component of inclusion is the development and maintenance of school facilities that ensure accessibility for all. We allocate resources to technology that can remove barriers for students and allow them to express themselves in multiple modalities. Our school facilities were built to provide easy access for all students, including those with physical disabilities. 

Additionally, a wide variety of services are offered to eligible students:

Swigert Inclusion Practices: “Teaching and learning addresses human commonalities, diversity and multiple perspectives” (Learning Diversity pg.5)

Principles of teaching for learning diversity:


Learning diversity and Inclusion in IB Programmes (Updated May 2020) Ibo.org

IB Programme Standards and Practices (2020)

Communication and Evaluation of Policy:

Our Inclusion policy is posted on the school website and in the PYP folder in the Swigert Shared Folder on the Google Drive. It will be reviewed every two years by the entire staff. When formal revisions to the policy are being considered, feedback will be obtained from the staff, IB Committee, Multi-Tiered System of Support, and Specialist support staff, (including the Special Education teacher(s), GT coordinator, Social Worker, Psychologist, ESL teacher).