Swigert Community Partnerships

Dear Swigert Community, 

One of the most wonderful things about being an IB school is the strong support we receive from our community. Inquiry based learning can move in many different directions from year to year based on student interest. In order to provide meaningful learning experiences for our students, I would like to start a database of community expertise and multiculturalism that we can use to enhance our units of inquiry. Here are several examples from this year:

2nd Grade’s Sharing the Planet Unit

Central Idea: Experiences drive innovation  Lines of Inquiry: How factors influence decision making; System of economics; Design thinking process for innovation

*A parent came in to share their expertise on inventing new products. Students heard firsthand about the process it takes to turn an idea into a mass-produced product.

3rd Grade’s Where We Are in Place & Time Unit

Central Idea: Motivation inspires movement  Lines of Inquiry: Reasons and processes of movement; Human stories; Movement shapes lives

*Multiple parents and family members were able to share personal stories of why and how they moved to the US. We were also able to zoom with an Afghan refugee who shared their personal story of why and how they were able to get to the US

During ECE’s community roles unit, we were able to have a doctor, teacher, police officer, photographer & fire fighter come tell the students about their jobs.

In Kindergarten, we have a family who recently moved here from China. Both parents came in during the Chinese New Year to teach the class about the cultural elements of the holiday and guided the class through making paper lanterns. 

If sharing your expertise, or your culture/personal history with our learners is something you feel passionate about (or a neighbor/friend who fits the bill), please take a second to fill out this google form. If large groups of children aren’t your thing, please consider sharing your knowledge with a few 5th graders as they go through the exhibition process this spring. You can indicate on the google form what you’re comfortable with. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to give back or support Swigert, this is a great opportunity. These experiences are so powerful for our students and contribute to our school’s culture of lifelong learning!

Please email me with any questions.

Caroline Dane (caroline_dane@dpsk12.net)

IB Coordinator

Swigert International School