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Letter from Principal Tencate

Dear Swigert Community,

I am incredibly excited to be stepping into the Principalship at Swigert International School.

Three years ago Chuck Raisch spoke to me about a school he was about to open here in Stapleton.  He asked me to come to Swigert to partner with him in the creation and development of Swigert’s instructional program. At the time I was a Principal at another school and enjoying my work, yet I was intrigued by the innovation status and the IB program that Chuck was pursuing, and, as any of you who know Chuck well will know, he is very persuasive. I realized that I was being offered an exceptional opportunity, that of being present at the creation of an innovative, creative and high performing school; a school students would want to come to, a place they would love to be—exciting, stimulating, engaging.  My family knew, even before I did, that I would have to be a part of building this vision.  And so I came to Swigert as the IB Coordinator, to create and develop the IB curriculum and philosophy at the school.

I have worked closely with our staff for the past three years to develop IB units that stretch our students to make global connections, and to develop in them a sense of stewardship for their community, the environment and the world around them.  Currently we are working to develop ever more interesting curriculum to spark our students’ intellectual curiosity, challenge them academically and excite and engage them in the amazing world they live in.

My experiences living and working abroad in Spain, Ecuador and Guatemala, as well as my experiences developing educational programs in museums, my time as a classroom teacher and as an administrator in the Denver Public Schools, has prepared me well to lead Swigert into the next phase of its evolution.  I look forward to continuing to build on the great work Chuck has begun.

As many of you know, our school faces challenges as we reduce our size to accommodate the new middle school. This is unavoidable. However, I assure you that as we move forward we will continue to make our school one of the very best not only in Denver but anywhere. All of us charged with the education of your children have committed ourselves to achieving that goal.

Thank you so much for the gift of working with your children and for the opportunity to be a part of their early education. I pledge that they will remember us, and their time at Swigert, as not only educational but inspirational, as not only informative but formative.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve at Swigert.
Liz Tencate       

Be a part the SIS Walk of Pride!

A walkway of pavers has been installed in front of the main entrance to the school building and each year the blank pavers will be replaced with engraved personalized pavers. Students will appreciate seeing their names, or those of family and friends, as they arrive each day at school! The funds raised by this project will go toward providing many valuable resources to SIS students. Order now for installation of your paver before the school year this fall! Click this link to fill out your form with instructions for payment, or to ask a question:http://swigertpta.com/sis-pavers/

Check out the photos of Mayor Michael Hancock’s visit to Swigert!


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2014 Swigert “Come Fly With Us” Auction!

The 2014 Swigert “Come Fly With Us” auction is just 2 around the corner!!  Please join us for an awesome night of fun, food, beverages, and FABULOUS items up for bid!  Buy tickets before the price goes up on March 8 at auctions.readysetauction.com/swigertinternational.  We’ll see you there!

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Swigert Staff Member of the Month

Swigert is excited to start recognizing our incredible staff. Each month, we will honor staff members who strive to embody the attributes of the IB Learner. Parents, students, volunteers, co-workers are all welcome to contribute their nominations. Anyone who works at Swigert is eligible to be nominated (office staff, teachers, custodians, lunchroom team, paraprofessionals, etc.,) …

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