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Read Around the World

Posted 12/16/2019

Program: Read around the World

Purpose: Students will be encouraged to read about different cultures from around the world, increasing their love for reading as well as increasing their knowledge of different cultures from around the world


Please see the attached Word document or PDF with information about this program and a reading log.

Students can check out and read picture books from cultures around the world. If students are interested in participating, they will be given a sheet to keep track of their books. We will put their picture up on the chalkboard with their writing. When students finish a continent (read 20 books from each continent) they will get a stamp on their passport and we will put their picture up on our world chalkboard wall in front of the main office. We will ask students to write or share a reflection on their learning or favorite book from that continent.

When they complete the project from all seven continents they will get their name on a plaque in the front office and a special shout out in the newsletter.

Where can I find books that match the above criteria?



A list of possible books and online access through Denver Public Schools Library – also available on the Swigert website under International Baccalaureate > IB Parent Resources.

Check out books with Sallie in the Swigert Library. There will be a display of specific books marked with each continent in the library

Check out books from the Sam Gary Library find books on your own or ask a librarian for support.

You can also check out the IB Global Catalog through the DPS Libary at If the link doesn’t work, go to Overdrive through, then select Collections and scroll down to the IB Global Catalog.