Jackie VonFeldt

ECE4 Teacher



Jackie has called her classroom “a home away from home” for 25 years and loves that Swigert will be her newest “home”! She has taught kindergarten for most of her career and enjoys seeing all of the growth her students make throughout the year. Jackie is inspired by the children in her class and appreciates that they are ready to take on big challenges at school. She watches them become productive members of a larger community, effective communicators, advocates for all, readers, mathematicians, strategic thinkers and more! Jackie always says that she learns just as much (if not more) from her students as they learn from her.

Away from school Jackie loves to: be with her family, travel, eat good food, read amazing books, hike in the mountains, dance when she can, laugh often and show love and kindness to those she meets! Her guilty pleasure is watching Survivor with her twin sister!