Robin Bresnahan

Gifted and Talented Coordinator


Admin & Support Staff

I’m excited to return for year seven as Swigert’s Gifted and Talented Coordinator (with my very own classroom to boot!). Before coming to Swigert I was a Language Immersion (Mandarin and Spanish) Visual Arts Teacher and Administrator at Denver Language School. I taught English in Spain and IB Visual Arts China before that. I was born and raised in Longmont, CO and live in Park Hill with my husband, a social studies teacher at GW, our two kids who also attend Swigert, and our dog we rescued off the streets of China all those years ago who is amazingly still kicking. In addition to my work at Swigert, I teach yoga, offer private art lessons, and do a little health coaching. When I’m not working, I love to practice yoga, run, cook, read, create, travel and spend time with my family and friends.